Aoos Lake – Flegga Lakes

The course from “Profitis Ilias” to the “Meggouli” stream in the northeastern corner of the Aoos Springs Lake is 1h 30min. The the route is easy without ascents. We follow the dirt road starting from the asphalt going north of the Lake (from Metsovo it is the 2nd junction for the lake). We leave the road and ascend the path alongside the Meggouli Stream. We find the dirt road again and take it to the right until we reach the shelter of Mavrovounio. The ascent takes two hours and is on a stony path of moderate patency. Once we reach the shelter we continue on the road following the sign P1. We pass through the location “pantea la lakou” where there is a fountain. The road stops here and we continue on the path. We turn west and cross the ridge "Kapetan Klidi" till we reach the Flega peak after 1:30 hours. The path is stony and fairly rough with an ascent at the end. From the Flegga peak you get a panoramic view of the National Park “Valia Kalda” in the nearby village Perivoli, the artificial lake of the Aoos Springs as well as the greater part of northern Pindus. The Mavrovounio shelter has a hosting capacity of 30 persons. We descend to the lakes of Flegga.


Route: Aoos' Lake - Flegga Lakes
Down at the path for Fleggas Lakes
Path covered in heavy snow
View from the top
Mountaineers walking on snow
Small hut in winter
Small hut in spring
Wild horses in the alpine meadows
View of the Aoos' Spring Lake
Going uphill for the Fleggas Lakes
Fleggas Lakes