Lake of the Aoos Springs - Tsiouma Barba (peninsula)

The picturesque "Tsiouma Barba”, ie the hill of Barba, is located on the plateau of "Politsa" and today is a peninsula of the artificial lake of the Aoos springs. From Metsovo we take path P2 leading us to the location after a 3 hour and 45 minute walk. The trail starts from the location "Kathreptis", in Metsovo, and after crossing the horse path it reaches the location “Profitis Ilias”. Then, going through the Politsa plateau it reaches the “Siopoutou” forest which it goes through at the location of "Chani Achillea”. It passes the "Spanoura Ponga" ridge and ends at the "Tsouma Barba" peak in the middle of the Aoos Springs Lake, which is the only small uphill part of the route. The trail passes through many springs of drinking water and is generally easy to pass.


Lake of the Aoos Springs - Tsiouma Barba (peninsula)
The beginning of the path
Alongside the path
Panoramic view of the lake
Going uphill
On top of the peninsula
Enjoying the view from the top
The Artificial Lake of Aoos’ river springs