Aoos Lake Dam – Tsouka Rossa

The route begins close to the Aoos fountain dam, at the location “Pente Alonia”. The ascent is characterized as medium to hard. From there it goes uphill through pine trees towards the peak “Tsouka Rossa” (1985m Kokkinorachi). Half way through the ascent and beyond we walk through a beech forest. From the “Touka Rossa” peak we can see a large part of northern Pindus. From the peak there is a descending path leading to a forest road crossing the region and reaching a small lake. We continue by crossing the Tsouka Rossa forest, descending towards Ageladotopos. Then, following the forest road along the Aoos river we reach the Aoos dam, right where we started.


Route: Aoos Lake Dam – Tsouka Rossa
Αt the beginning of the route
View from the trail
Part of the path
The path leading on the Tsouka Rossa summit
Lake of the Aoos Springs from the top
fire lookout station at the top of Tsouka Rossa