Metsovo – Lake of the Aoos Springs

The artificial lake of the Aoos springs was created in 1987 at an altitude of 1340m. It is a significant habitat of the mountain area and is found north of Metsovo at the “Politsa” pateau. Its area is about 12 square kilometers and its surface is interrupted by small islands overgrown with black pine, beech and cedar. Taking the road from Ioannina to Grevena we turn left after Prophet Elias. A 32km road enables us to drive around the lake. The trail is also ideal for biking and riding. At the lake you can go for a 1.5 hour route with a one or two seater canoe-kayak. The canoe route explores the eastern part of the lake. On the lake shores we find alpine cows grazing among the tall black pines on the slopes of the National Park “Valia Calda”. The lake’s island, halfway through the route, provides the opportunity to rest and swim.


Metsovo – Lake of the Aoos Springs
Near the Profitis Ilias Ski Center
Profitis Ilias Ski Center
Profitis Ilias Ski Center
Frozen lake at the plateau of Profitis Ilias
Walking at the path leading to the Lake
Path alongside the beech trees
First sight of the Aoos Springs Lake
Reaching the road that runs round the Lake
The Artificial Lake of Aoos’ river springs