Tositsas Foundation Creamery (Not open to the public)

The Cheese factory of the "BARON MICHAEL TOSSIZZA" Foundation  in Metsovo began operating in 1958. The vision of Evangelos Averoff - Tositsas (a local politician of national caliper and founder of the Foundation with funds provided by the benefactor Michael Tositsas), was to operate a creamery that would also take the form of a practical cheese school, providing a model to follow for cheesemakers in the area. Evangelos Averoff ensured that young Metsovites involved with cheesemaking through their family went for cheesemaking studies in renowned schools of northern Italy. The theoretical knowledge they gained, along with their childhood experiences led them to become accomplished cheesemakers, and today they work and run their own dairies in the area.

The cheeses produced by the Tositsa Foundation are parmesan, metsovone, metsovella, goat’s cheese and gruyere.