Votonosi – Anthohori Bridge

The stone bridge between Votonosi - Anthohori is as three-arched well-preserved bridge and is part of a set of buildings including an inn and a watermill. The large arc of the bridge has a length of 12.10m and an internal height of 4,20m. The total height of the bridge is 7.20 m. The small arcs are 1.40m in length, with a height of 3.80m and with their internal heights being 2.80m and 1.00m respectively.

The bridge is also known as "Douvli" by the locals, probably from the name of the Turk who built it. According to oral local knowledge the bridge was part of an assembly of buildings located nearby next to the river banks. The same local knowledge, supported by the remains of buildings, states that at a short distance from the bridge and over the banks of the Metsovitikos river there was an inn and a watermill. These sites provided a meeting place for local residents and travelers.