Averoffios Kipos (Averoff Garden)

Metsovo gathers myriad of tourists every year, usually resulting in a crowded central square. In order to escape the overcrowding, head north towards the “Gura”, on the “Georgios Averoff” road. After eight minutes, the visitor faces to the right, a beautiful park, all planted with trees and plants representative of the Pindos’ flora.

In the center of the park, the holy church of St. George dominates the landscape. An iconostasis of Saint George existed there until the 1830s, in which Georgios Averoff - the later great national benefactor- prayed before migrating from Metsovo saying: "Saint George, please help me to succeed abroad and I will not forget you". Although he never returned home, he repaired the adjacent old church and sent a gardener from Alexandria. The gardener created the garden in its current form. Animals lived once in the garden. It is said that twice in the 1960s, bears from Pindos attacked the park animals and ate all deers living there. The view from the terrace, behind the east side of church, towards the Metsovo valley (Metsovitikos) and the ridge “Zigos” seems infinite. In the western corner of the garden there is a playground. Both kids and adults rest there enjoying the peace of nature, the gentle rustle of leaves and the birds’ singing.