Fountain of Floka

The fountain of Floka or “Fantana di kabouri di digiosou” is located on the northeast corner of the central square of Metsovo, on Georgios Averoff Street, the main road of Metsovo. It is called Fountain of Floka from the surname of its founders.

The fountain is roofed and stone built on all three sides. The water comes from a spring on the “Politsa” plateau and is delivered through brass faucets. In the middle of the main side we find an inscription with stone reliefs on either side.

According to the inscription the fountain was built as a "Prayer of the servants of God Dimitrios and Kirgiakis Flokas, 1787 May 20". One relief depicts a lion, symbolizing the peak of the trade relationship the Metsovites had with Venice and the Venetian colonies in the Adriatic area, and the second depicts an eagle looking towards the west and opening its wings, symbolizing the extroversion of the Metsovites and their economy.