Agios Dimitrios

The Church of Agios Dimitrios is located in the "gkiosani" district of Metsovo and has been destroyed several times by earthquakes. Sources indicate that in 1818, after an earthquake, the entire temple was rebuilt with a firman of Ali Pasha. The positive attitude of Ali Pasha was due to the assistance he received from Metsovo helping him cross the Zygos trail during this winter without problems. The famous Metsovite painter Stergios Papagiannis painted the sanctuary and the women’s quarters in 1743 and 1748 respectively, and the exceptional wood carvings are form the sons of Stergios Vardakas in 1744. Large icons were painted in Nizhna in Russia in 1821 by the Metsovite painter Dimitrios Kritzalis. In the church has two embroidered epitaphs, silver and gold sacred objects, pictures and silver image frames and silver wedding crowns.

The wonderful images of Christ and Mary are signed the Metsovite painter George Chrysoloras. The church was repaired for the last time in 1908 and is currently the second parish church the Metsovo.