Church of Agios Georgios

The Church of Agios Georgios (St. George) is located in the northeastern part of the village of Metsovo. It is built on a natural terrace in the center of a plateau. The original temple was founded in the early 17th century. It is preserved in its present form since the first half of the 18th century. Inscription apron portable icon of St George drakoktonou mentions founding date of the church in the year 1747. The same picture is dated 1751 and is the work of painter Metsovite Stergios of Papagianni. Exemplifies basilica estegasmenis and covered with plate. The imposing and ornate carved iconostasis from 1840 is the work of Metsovians TALIADOURI Dimitriou Stergios and stones. Themselves painted in 1841 the archiepiscopal throne and the pulpit in 1845. The portable image Isapostolos of Saints Constantine and Helen dating according to the inscription of 1709. The church was renovated in 1850 at the expense of Georgios Averoff. Himself Benefactor associated with the space in a unique way. At this point, where the chapel of St. George, the farewell his mother in 1840 when they immigrated. Farewell to the invoked the help of his patron, the eponymous saint, and made a vow to St. George to reciprocate : " Help me , St. George , I will now go to foreign lands and see how I 'll just stand on my feet ." Successful merchant Georgios Averoff a decade after kept his promise and undertook to cover the costs of repair of the church and the creation of the park . Sent even gardener from Alexandria to form the garden of the so-called mid- 19th century and follows as Averoff Garden. Almost a century later, in 1964, at the expense of Michael Baron Foundation Tositsa been servicing the temple. In 2002 the church was preserved and restored with total personal expenditure of John Michael Averoff. The latter is great greatgrandson Avgerinos Averoff older brother of Grand Benefactor Georgios Averoff, and served as mayor of Metsovo, Ioannina MP and MEP. He is the founder and lifelong president of Foundation Egnatia Epirus.