Mikri Gotista

Mikri (Little) Gotista is a mountain village (840m) of the prefecture of Ioannina and belongs to the Municipality of Metsovo. It is located 33km east of the city of Ioannina, with a population of 239. It consists of the settlements of Mikri Gotista, Agios Minas, Batza, Riza and Sioutsos.

Here we can find the Castle of Gradetsi, an important archaeological monument at an altitude of 1303m. According to archaeologist Prof. S. Dakaris, the castle was part of a fortified settlement of the Molossians. The cliff-top is surrounded by walls in good condition. In the yard of the castle we find the post-Byzantine church of Panagia Gradetsiotissa.

The main local occupations are in farming, agriculture and beekeeping.

The village celebrates on July 26, the traditional feast of Agia Paraskevi and August 15, the Assumption of Mary.